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How to Align Vendor Channel Sales and Channel Partner Strategies

How to Align Vendor Channel Sales and Channel Partner Strategies


When an IT channel reseller ponders about business transformation, it is also important that they consider their vendor strategy. In some cases it could be a good thing if they are aligned with multiple vendors while in other instances it may be important that they are positioned with only one vendor who has an expertise in the industry. For technology channel sales partners, it is important that their strategy is clearly seen as part of a larger picture. It’s best if they can communicate a story that shows how their new strategy can deliver the “whole product”.


Changes in the organization must be measured according to predetermined KPI’s. When going through this process you will find yourself revealing important insights into the measurements, allowing you to determine which ones are most relevant to your situation. With this information, you will be able to recommend other solution providers and distributors for your organization. That being said, it’s important to realize that mid-market and Enterprise market sizes are both significant and will require different sales models and strategies.


Many solution providers end up not making the business transformation change because they refuse to give up short-term satisfaction in order to achieve long-term gains. Most go for the “easy money” instead of investing in the future cloud services.  While you may see a brief impact to your sales while you transition, ultimately the effect you see from the long-term investment will overshadow it.


The changes needed for channel sales transformation are also cultural for a company. It’s moving to a new vision and realizing revenue over the life of a contract. It’s a new business mindset that has to start from the top and be embraced throughout the entire workforce. It’s important that members of your organization do this together. You need to look at how you make decisions, how you engage, how you measure, and how you work as a group in order to fully equip your employees for this massive change.


Aligning vendor channel sales and channel partners may seem easy on paper but in reality there is much more that goes into the strategy of making this work. If you are unsure of where to begin with this or need help – contact us today!