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Here’s a good article on how seo can help your business

The best way to increase your website traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO). Although it may take you months before you can see results from SEO, it is definitely worth the wait. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are getting millions of visitors every day and there are thousands of searches conducted every second. No matter which industry you are in, I believe your prospects are definitely using search engines to look for your products or services. Therefore, a good online marketing plan must definitely include SEO.

Basically, a SEO project is broken down into 2 parts: Onsite optimization and offsite optimization. During onsite optimization, you only work on the website. Some of the tasks during onsite optimization are: copywriting, tagging every page with important keywords or key phrases, making sure the back-end codes are clean, adding xml sitemaps or robot.txt, etc. After onsite optimization, you will move on to offsite optimization where you focus on building links to your site to increase its link popularity. Link popularity is one of the most important processes of SEO and you must do it consistently in order to achieve success in SEO.

When you implement SEO correctly, your website will rank high on search engines for important keyword phrases. For example, if you provide catering services in London and your website is optimized, it will appear on first page of search engines when people search for “catering services London”. With this, people who are searching for catering services in London will visit your website and if your offer is good, you will get the sales.

Although you can do SEO yourself, I will not recommend you to do it unless you are very proficient in it. This is because SEO is a very time-consuming project, especially during the offsite optimization phase. You need to build links consistently and naturally which will be very time consuming for you. I believe you should hire a professional SEO firm to do the tedious work and you concentrate your time on what you do best.

Before you engage a particular SEO firm, you should conduct a background check on them. Make sure that they know their stuff and have the experience to produce results. When they give you a quote, ask them to break it down for you to analyze. This is to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying for.

SEO is definitely a worth-while investment for your company. When your website is optimized properly, you will definitely reap the rewards in the near future.

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