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Gorilla’s Channel Technology Platforms

Our team uses several channel technology platforms to better serve our partners and clients. The following channel technology options offer support for our vendors to manage and understand their partner landscape.

Channel Technology Options

  • Partner Pulse. This platform is a way to set up and develop a partner network. It offers insights, tools, and the expertise you need to enhance your business practices together. There are four main building blocks that makeup Partner Pulse:
      • Sales platform for tracking sales, deal registrations, and more.
      • Marketing platform for lead generation and to start co-marketing with your partners.
      • Scorecarding to understand the gaps and find growth opportunities.
      • Partner recruitment onboarding to continually add more partnerships to your business.
  • Certified Experts. We have a team of certified platform experts available to help support your systems, whether standard or customized.  We can get the most out of your investments to better serve your company, partners, and clients.
  • Third-party platforms. The market offers many great options for marketing platforms and we are trained to use a variety of industry-standard platforms. These tools allow us to offer the most support for our vendors and partners.

Unsure How to Use Channel Technology Platforms? We’re Here to Help

Our goal is to cultivate and nurture the most successful partnerships; we want to ensure success for our vendors, partners, and clients. If you’re unsure how to best utilize channel platform technology to your benefit, reach out to us. Our team members are prepared to learn more about your business and develop a strategic plan that works best for you. 

Contact Gorilla for More Channel Technology Information

If you’re interested in learning additional information about how we operate our channel technology platforms and how we can assist you in doing the same, click here.