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Gorilla Corporation Partners with a Non-profit Organization

Gorilla Corporation prides itself on maintaining social responsibility and to continue this effort, we have partnered with the Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence. This non-profit organization focuses on engaging business, culture, government, and worldwide leaders to reshape and develop collaboration and partnering practices while improving and securing business and economies.

“This official partnership with Gorilla Corporation is powerful for our Think Tank, Gorilla’s reputation as a leader in partner marketing internationally, is relevant and strategic. Their contribution and support are pivotal for us,” said Carlo Tortora Brayda, Founder and Chairperson of Tortora Brayda Partnership Excellence.

Tortora Brayda developed four Think Tanks where selected members handle critical topics around Cyber Security, Artificial intelligence Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Data Center and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, and Technology Partnership for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“We embrace the opportunity to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They clearly represent the tone and ethos of the company culture of our team at Gorilla, and Partnership Development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Cloud is certainly important to us as well, so we proudly welcome the addition of the Tortora Brayda Think Tank to our CSR lineup,” said Dennis Garza, Chief Operating Officer at Gorilla Corporation.

Gorilla has an impressive list of sophisticated, global customers that can pay-it-forward by helping Tortora Brayda build important networks and connections between both private and public, addressing important topics. To learn more about our new partnership, you can read more about it here.