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Google Wave – The new kid on the block!

Google is about to launch its latest product developed by the same team who brought us Google Maps.

What is Google Wave?

It’s not that easy to explain, think about trying to describe facebook to someone 10 years ago and you will know where I’m coming from. Anyway I’ll give it ago:

Google Wave is a communication and collaboration tool. The idea is to pull email, videos, IM, blogs, twitter, feeds and just about any other media you can think of into real-time—it’s a mash up service presenting semi-real-time communication in a stream.

In Google Wave you start a ‘wave’ with a message or photo or suchlike. You can bring people into the discussion, and then they can bring other people in as well (unless you block) so it’s as public or private as you want it to be. You can chat to all (or just one person) in the wave at anytime.

The initial idea behind Google Wave is to replace the ageing e-mail system, which was invented in 1961 before the invention of the Internet. After four decades, it was about time someone came up with a way of rethinking this technologic relic!

Does Google Wave just sound like a glorified chat room? Or Skype in a few years time? Who knows but you can make up your own mind by watching more in the video below..