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Google unveils ‘instant’ searches

The launch of Google Instant Search came as a surprise to everyone, especially as the beta version was only announced a few weeks back. Some searchers may have noticed the Greyed out Google logo yesterday that changed back to colour as you typed. This was to celebrate the launch of Google Instant. This is basically an algorithm change whereby Google will match the search results as you type.

This means massive changes for SEO and although some bloggers have predicted the end of SEO it’s quite the opposite and will give lots more ‘search result space’ to lesser known websites. It’s certainly the biggest thing that has happened to SEO in a long time.

As for PPC (Paid Search) this will have a big affect on how impressions are measured:

Effect on ad impressions

  • Counting impressions with Google Instant happens in three different ways.
  • Any click – If the user starts typing, then clicks anywhere on the page, an impression is counted. Whether that’s an ad, spell check, or link, it’s counted.
  • Search Selection – An impression is counted when the search button is clicked or a user selects a query.
  • 3 Second Rule – When the user stops typing and does nothing for 3 seconds, an impression is counted

You will need to go on to to see all this in action. Watch the search results as you type!

Google Instant Search will be rolled out worldwide over the coming months. We are currently working on a more defined point of view. For now though take a look at what Google has to say by following these links below.