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Google launches real time search

Live search is here – google search results will now include information from news organisations, blogs and platforms, such as Twitter, as soon as it is published.

Live Search will also be available on phones, like the iPhone and handsets running the Android operating system.

“Our users will get the results as they are produced,” said Google fellow Amit Singhal at an event in Mountain View in California.

We previously reported on how Google had done a deal with Twitter on including tweets, Google has announced that it will now index status updates from Facebook and all public information from MySpace also.

Google has also announced a visual search tool called Google Goggles. It allows a user to take a picture with a mobile phone to perform a search, it compares the captured image against a stored database returning relevant information.

This is why a good social media plan is essential in your position on Google. With relevant information that users want to obtain, you are able to give your audience a more fulfilling experience and increase your online presence.