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Google is building a new future

Google has allowed use of its forthcoming updated search engine – which is being nicknamed ‘Caffeine’ by the industry.

It is designed to add speed, accuracy and more comprehensive search results for the user.

It comes just months after Microsoft announced Bing – and expects are suggesting that it could kick Bing to the curb.

Google is thought to be doubling the speed of search results, and introducing real-time results, which will allow it to be ready for the new competition of the Friend Feed and Facebook alliance which is focused on real-time search.

Google still accounts for around 87% of  the UK search market, and so its captive audience will welcome this move and it will be hard for Bing and others to tempt them away.

The new Google will look the same too, all that has changed is the algorithms (the clever stuff behind the scenes).

We’ll be following the changes and will post more details as they come, but for now, we will be trying out the new search engine – you can too :

Google Caffiene (the new Google)