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Google Chrome Operating System

What is it?

A new web based operating system from Google – they’ll keep all your data on their servers though.

The idea is to have a web based op system where all the apps are under a seperate tab and there is no software to download or install. They have said they wanted it to be like a television, where a computer could be switched on and instantly running and connected to the web.

It will only run on solid state drives rather then the more traditional hard drives.

It is open source, and so developers can help craft its future.

Providing an operating system where users data is held on Google servers is a fantastic service allowing users to keep their data in a ‘cloud’. It is also fantastic for Google, for if they are to be trusted with the space in which your data is held, this trust also makes Google a closer friend and will you tell it your secrets? Handling your data will surely be handled securely, however, all the information that Google obtains  – is that ignored? Or is it a way of Google handling extra information to feed advertising, after all Googles main income is Adwords and its other advertising channels.

We’ll have to wait and see . . .