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Fixing the B2B Data Meltdown

Fixing the B2B Data Meltdown


When it comes to data, B2B marketers are in a bind. Knowledge insights are important to boosting sales performance, however marketers trust in knowledge has plummeted to a new low. B2B organizations have a lack of confidence when it comes to knowledge and it’s creating chaos. Quality data is the key to providing personalized content that is crucial to enhancing the client expertise and driving revenue.


So what do we do? Here’s 8 steps to make your data work for you and not against you:


8 steps to turbocharge your data

  • Commit to improving data quality: It is vital to boost data quality. Make sure your company’s knowledge is correct, up-to-date, complete and consistent. Outline knowledge quality supported business objectives; this establishes all team members on the same page where they know their roles in the data accumulation process.


  • Assign data quality ownership: Assign one person to handle all ownership of the data. They can be the go-to for data accuracy. This creates an environment where only one person is making changes to data. This cuts down on mistakes as well as time that could be lost with duplicate work.


  • Regulate your data collection process: Too much data can be harmful. Confirm with your team which data is relevant to what you are trying to accomplish and ensure your data comes from credible sources.


  • Check contact data as it’s compiled: Validate data consistently. Concentrate on email addresses and missing info. Once you have updates, make certain your info is complete and accurate in your system.


  • Standardize your data: Due to data being brought in from different locations, check for spelling and formatting differences. Unify those entries so data will not be mistakenly duplicated.


  • Identify and purge duplicate records: Duplicate data files impede your automation processes. Set up automatic alerts for duplicate data and address it as it arises (merge or delete duplicates). Search your database for inaccurate data and resolve it as well.


  • Integrate sales and marketing data: It is still pretty common for sales and marketing to use different CRM software and automation systems to manage data. This causes mistakes. Make it a priority to organize all data in one location to better personalize content.


  • Conduct regular data reviews: Develop and implement a method for normal information checkups. Set up real time period verification with regular bulk process to confirm contact data accuracy.


These 8 steps can change the game for your data solutions. It’s a lot of work but definitely worth taking the time to do. Afterall, this data could benefit your business greatly. If you have questions, give us a call – we’re here to help!