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Facebook Deals

Facebook have recently launched their new Facebook Deals. It adds to their range of pages such as Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, and most recently, Facebook Places which help users and businesses share, connect and interact with one another.

Deals gives businesses the opportunity to reward customers when they check in on Facebook, and this helps generates brand awareness and can also help to build customer loyalty

At the moment this is only available in the USA but will soon be rolling out to other countries.

It is a powerful tool as it give businesses the oppourtunity to gain new business and also increase their brand awareness through using Social Media.

As part of your Online Marketing strategy it can be a quick and effective way to get your latest business news to potential and existing customers. On average a Facebook user has 130 friends, which means that if someone checks into your business page and you’re offering a deal, their friends will hear about it either through them sharing the information or their news feed which is automatically generated through Facebook.

Users visit Facebook on average 28 times a month and they are always on the hunt for what’s new.

To read more on Facebook Deals check out Facebook’s Jon Fougner blog post to read more.

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