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Facebook Deals Launching in the UK today

Since facebook launched Facebook Deals in the USA last November we have been waiting for the UK release and today they have revealed its coming!

Launch partners include Starbucks, they are offering a  free filter coffee to those who check in today, Debenhams, Argos, Alton Towers, O2 and Mazda.

“We all love a bargain so whether you’re on the lookout for a special offer at your favourite restaurant or tips from a fashionista friend about a discount on shoes in a department store, Facebook Deals will help you find it,” – Joanna Shields, Facebook’s EMEA vice president.

Places – the local check in  service by Facebook was launched last year, which allows users to share their location with their friends by ‘checking in’ to bars, restaurants,shops and other locations allowing friends to see who was near them on their mobile phone – a great way to get together. With the new Deals application users can check in and take advantage  of special deals at these locations.

Facebook said: “This move is a no brainer for Facebook. Places Deals is a combination of Foursquare meets Groupon (the popular daily discount site). It is the company’s first major move into mobile, discounts and location based advertising. I think this has the potential to be a smash hit for them.”

There will be four types of check-ins:

  • Charity Deals – to help give back to a good cause.
  • Individual Deals – retailers can give away items.
  • Loyalty Deals – users can build up loyalty points.
  • Friend Deals – get rewarded for bringing friends to a location.

We at studio 8 know that this is the future of deals for businesses especially those who offer a local service and we will be adding this to all strategies we create for our online marketing clients.

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Keep up to date and watch this space! .