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How to Get the Most from Your Channel Partner Marketing

As you probably already know, Gorilla have long been proponents of the church of Channel Marketing, but what you may have missed is that we also provide some of the best global solutions for Partner Marketing, Recruitment and Enablement. Actually you probably didn’t miss that either, but it’s always worth the reminder.

So what happens when our biggest passions collide headlong? Marketing Nirvana; Channel Partner Marketing, and we’ve collected some quick and easy tips to make sure channel partner marketing works for you!

What is Channel Partner Marketing?

Simply put Channel Partner Marketing is the processes used to promote products and services sold by, quite obviously, channel partners. Channel partners are a set of like-minded businesses, related to the initial vendor, who’s time and resources can be used to help sell products and services.

This type of marketing strategy primarily needs to consider the needs and overall goals of the vendor and partners, as well as both of their audiences.

All that being said, we have collated a shortlist of a few easy ways to enhance your channel partner marketing strategy; and allow you to move ahead with your program at top speed.


Many partners are frequently selling multiple products and services from a wide array of companies. So it’s important to make it as easy as possible to access and sell your solutions. By thoroughly briefing new partners and providing consistent training, you’re always keeping your partner’s selling needs in mind and their people informed. If you make it easier for them to sell your service, they can spend more of their time doing so, and less researching and pushing competitors.


It’s often up to the vendor to ensure you’re encouraging collaborative relationships. Defining a B2B ecosystem of collaboration and communication is a vital part of creating a successful partner program. Your partners should always know how, when and where is best to showcase your products and what tools are available to do so. More than that, rigorous communication engenders positive, productive relationships with a constant drive to maintain and develop standards. However big your partner program, conflicts can arise. Partners will look to you to quickly identify conflicts and resolve issues with a coherent communication so that downtime is minimal.


Partners are frequently selected due to their coveted pre-enabled distribution channels, but be cautious. Despite their successes, partners are likely to have preferred marketing and selling techniques, while this can be advantageous it’s important to also provide them with a defined sales and lead delivery processes. It’s down to the vendor to guarantee a system for qualifying leads and following buyer’s journeys, to better allocate resources down the line.


An effective marketing plan is a crucial element of any successful marketing strategy. The best resellers provide large networks of contacts from across multiple channels. Synchronizing your global strategy with your partners can greatly increase synergized brand awareness across your partners’ target audiences. By working to empower channel partners with effective co-branded resources, content, and campaigns they can leverage to connect with their networks, both brands ‘stock’ can be elevated.


In the modern era it’s often thought content is at the core of successful marketing. However, within the context of channel partner marketing, it has two distinct elements: The right content for your partners; and the right content for their customers. Providing partners with effective content enables them to sell your offerings and prepares them to offer direct solutions to prospects’ pain points. Creating relevant content for the end user should showcase the value of working with the partners and buying the most useful solutions.

Now you have some tools to go out and enhance your own channel partner marketing, it’s still going to take time and effort but you’re on the road to success.

If you need some more advice or just a little help creating a truly profitable program why not get in touch and see what we could do for you. We tailor our services to exactly fit your needs and reach your targets, every time.