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The Basics of Channel Enablement

Channel Enablement: utilising resources to ensure channel sellers have all the tools and training they need to be successful. (otherwise known as Partner Enablement)

Congratulations! You now know the basics of Channel Enablement. Blog over, everyone get back to your day.

…Except in reality, it isn’t that simple. That definition of Channel Enablement encompasses a whole lot of different activities, resources and training that you can use to improve your channel selling efforts. To simplify, let’s break down the ins-and-outs of basic channel enablement.


The Purpose:

You want your channel to be successful, but you can’t do it alone – for teamwork makes the dream work.

You want to sell your product, but you don’t have the sales expertise, the employees, the budget or the experience to get your product in the hands of the right customers. This can be easily solved by leveraging a number of channel sales partners.

Sounds simple enough, but a number of problems can arise when this vendor-partner relationship isn’t nurtured. It is common for partner relationship breakdowns to occur when the endeavour feels one-sided, uncommunicative, or lazy.

Enabling your channel means enabling your partners. As a vendor, you have to invest time and money to ensure you and your partners are on the same page. It’s also important to give them access to the latest tech & software if it enables them to generate more sales.


How Channel Enablement improves Sales

Let’s take a look at how Channel Enablement can solve different types of common channel roadblocks:


  • Unified Branding – A complete channel enablement platform will allow marketers to push out the latest content, sales copy & marketing strategy to partners with minimal delay. Too often we see non-unified channel partner marketing, where partner sales messages are weeks, months or even years behind current vendor strategy. A good channel enablement plan will ensure partners are never kept in the dark.


  • Communication – By far the biggest roadblock in many channel relationships, a proper channel enablement strategy will include a central hub (or point of contact) where partners can quickly and easily find out about latest products, company news, marketing tactics, or anything else they should need.


  • Stats/Reporting – A smart channel enablement solution will allow vendors to track all stats generated by partners. This, in turn, allows for easy and accurate revenue projections, sales targets, and performance overviews. It also helps you generate more revenue, as you can see what type of product or content is successful. You can then use this to tailor future campaigns and products with higher effectiveness.



Channel Enablement is no small topic. In order to fully understand best practices and sound partner enablement strategy, contact Gorilla EMEA – the channel agency that removes the complications in your channel partner marketing.