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Building a Partner Recruitment Plan

In previous posts, we have highlighted the benefits and importance of running a partner recruitment program, but how do you create a recruitment plan? Having a step-by-step plan could help you become more efficient in future recruitment campaigns to grow your partnership program. 

Recruitment Plan Steps

  • Market yourself. Potential partners are more likely to onboard if they know who you are and your company’s message. Before you begin the recruitment process, be sure that your organization is out there for them to look up and get to know. Sharing social media posts, press releases, blog posts about your company would get the word out.
  • Build a strong reputation. As word spreads about your organization, you’ll next want to work on building a strong brand. Positive recommendations from other companies about yours will offer a direct impact on your ability to recruit more partnerships in the future. 
  • Be prepared when future partners approach you. If the perfect partner were to cold call you tomorrow, would you be prepared for that phone call? Be sure that you have a ready-made pitch that anyone is the recruitment arm of your company knows well. When potential partners reach out to you to learn more about your organization, you want to sound knowledgeable and confident that your union will bring symbiotic results to you both.
  • Create a target list. Setting goals is how you grow, right? Before you start implementing a recruitment strategy or campaign, start by creating a potential partner dream list. Research those partners well and know exactly what you’re going to say when you approach them.
  • Be selective. It’s okay to say yes to some partnerships and no to others. Not all potential partnerships will work best for your company. Before starting a recruitment campaign, research some of your key potential partners and learn about them. Make sure their message and agenda align with the goals you’re looking to attain.
  • Onboard your staff. No company wants to partner with a company that seems disorganized and ununified. While planning the recruitment campaign, it’s important to regularly meet with your staff and ensure that everyone is on the same page and the goals are clear. Furthermore, once the campaign ends, it’s good to meet again and brainstorm what worked and what did not so you could make the appropriate changes for the next one. 

Gorilla Partner Recruitment Services That Can Elevate Your Business

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