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Building a Better Business with B2B Social Listening

Building a Better Business with B2B Social Listening


As a B2B business, you already have a ton on your plate. What’s one more thing? You’re brand is more than likely already on social media and that’s great. You’re already spending time putting out content and keeping up with your clients. But, have you heard of social listening? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Listening to your clients and competitors – just keeping your ears open. Here’s why social listening is something you need to add to your overfilled plate.


While there is a low volume of social conversation about B2B companies, it’s still very important to keep your eyes peeled. You may notice that from checking your notifications, you aren’t seeing mentions or tags. Did you know that only 9% of Tweets that impact your company are actually directed at your brand? This means that there are possible conversations about you that you aren’t even aware of. Scary. 


Make sure you’re actively digging for feedback, there is a big possibility that you are missing out on key insights from current and potential customers.  How can you do this? A few things you can implement to get started are: set up google alerts, monitor hashtags, and invest in a social media management tool.  There are many tools out there. Some are free and some you pay for. Be sure to find the one that suits your B2B business the best.

Know what you want to listen to. You can start this by listening for mentions of your company and products. You can also consider your target accounts, competitors, and hashtags relevant to your business.


And last but not least, be ready to respond and engage. You must be ready and willing to engage in social interactions with customers. Whether it be a support question or a complaint – be ready. This shows you are on top of your game, who knows – you might even get some praise in the process.


So It goes without saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So why not utilize social listening to do this and build yourself a better B2B business today!  Still unsure of where to start? Give us a call and let us help you get started!