Bing now has 20% of the UK search engine market

Bing now has 20% of the UK search engine market

If you are a devotee to Google when it comes to using search engines, you may be a little surprised to learn that the Bing Network has recently announced that it has obtained a whopping 20 percent of the UK market share. It wasn’t that long ago when Bing wasn’t even the second choice search engine and Microsoft must be as proud as punch with this latest set of results.

The recent BrightonSEO event saw Bing celebrating this news by handing out balloons filled with green and white petals. Although the likes of Google may not be taking their smaller competitor that seriously, it would be folly for them to ignore this shift of trends.

Bing has ploughed a considerable amount of investment in online marketing and that includes teaming up with the likes of Gumtree to increase their brand awareness. Would you be that shocked to learn that each month there are around 840 million searches on Bing? Paid for search queries have increased recently and they account for around 51% of all digital marketing expenditure in the UK. Bing has certainly started to gain ground in this particular market place and if you haven’t used them for a while, why not take a look now? They have been quoted as being both predictive and personal and sometimes the biggest option isn’t always the best.

At Adweek Europe Microsoft revealed it now has 18.1% search market share in UK, according to Comscore, a number which doubled year on year. Microsoft claims that its search engine is used by 45% of UK residents, but this is not due to them making a conscious choice to use Bing, which still has a low mind share. Microsoft’s success is due to its pervasiveness, powering numerous services much like a white-label search engine. Bing is not only embedded in Windows 10, but also powers searches in Siri on the iPhone, Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Kindle tablets, Yahoo searches, Gumtree and is even embedded in Uber.

When you also factor in the costs when using Google for paid searches compared to its Microsoft counterpart, Bing really does start to make very good sense indeed. Who is to say that the very healthy 20% of the current market share couldn’t be doubled by this time next year?