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Best Practices for a Successful Partner Recruitment Program

Channel agencies, regardless of size, need to have partner recruitment programs from time-to-time. Running a recruitment program could be used to acquire new partnerships to offer services or products that you may not already have or because you launched a new product that could benefit from more outreach.

To run a successful campaign, there are some factors to consider. Following these tips could be the difference between acquiring many new partners and just a few. 

  • Know your potential partners. This point is listed first because it’s the most important aspect of your program. With each new campaign, you will likely have a new target list. Knowing those potential partners will ensure that your message is on target and that your goals will be met. Do a little research into your potential partners to see what drives and interests them. Also, be sure that your goals and theirs align before you reach out.
  • Build a target list. Make sure you’re not reaching out to potential partners blindly. As a group, brainstorm which partnerships you would like to acquire and separate them by ones that would be easier to reach than others. For example, you may have contacts with current partners that could lead to new ones. In other scenarios, you might be reaching to someone with who you have no connection, and those relationships might be trickier to establish.
  • Create a memorable message. The new partner may not know you, or if they do, they may not know much about you. The messaging you’re using to draw in new partnerships is crucial. This messaging will stick in their minds as they try to decide whether or not a partnership will be beneficial. This is where knowing your potential partner comes into play. The more you know about them, the more tailored the messaging can be.
  • Set a goal. Many companies only do a partner recruitment campaign when they need to, and while it could be successful in the short end, long-term success is unlikely. It’s important to establish an annual goal of new partner acquisitions. The campaigns can be set quarterly or semi-annually while keeping the annual goal in mind during each campaign. Also, create a goal that is attainable but still a bit of a challenge for your business. Setting a goal that is too far out of reach or too easy to accomplish will skew your campaign’s success if you were to fall short or supersede it by a large margin.
  • Stop contacting them if they’re not interested. No one likes to feel badgered especially after you have asked someone to stop. If you encounter a potential partner who expresses that they are not interested, thank them for their time, and move on. If their answer is vague, or perhaps they mention that they are not interested at this time, then it would be appropriate to reach out at a later date. However, make sure some time has passed before initiating contact again. A period of 3 to 6 months would be appropriate, so the partner doesn’t feel bombarded.

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