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Best Marketing Practices During the Age of COVID-19

As we enter the seventh month of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us are still trying to learn to navigate these new business waters. Companies have pivoted to working remotely, some are using a hybrid work model, and others are downsizing, unfortunately. We’re all learning what best practices have become and much of it is unfamiliar territory, especially in the way of marketing. How do you continue to market in this environment? Rather than seeing this time as an inconvenience, this is the perfect time to try something new–be adventurous. We’re going to share some tips on best marking practices during this new normal.

Hone-in on online advertising

Though it may seem daunting, we cannot say with any certainty that we know when things will return to normal, and in the meantime, businesses must press onward. If online advertising hasn’t been a marketing practice that your company has utilized much in the past, this is the perfect time to start. With many people still choosing to remain indoors, online shopping has become a lifeline. More consumers turn to online retailers to get their groceries, clothes, shoes, and everything in between, which means more people are online now than they ever have been in the past. Online ads can run for as long the parameters are set and can reach a huge network of potential clients without being overly time-consuming to maintain and monitor. Google, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all have online advertising capability. Depending on your target audience, using one of those platforms to advertise might be extremely advantageous for your business; traffic to your site and products could increase nearly instantaneously. It’s not a guarantee, as no marketing campaign is, but it certainly is worth trying.

Share a compelling narrative

During this time, many companies are choosing to thank front line heroes such as nurses, retail employees, and teachers for showing their appreciation for individuals who are risking their lives during the pandemic. For example, Budweiser released a commercial that encouraged social distancing while still highlighting their beer, and Apple emphasized that creativity will go on even during these uncertain times. What is special to your company’s narrative? Think about the changes the company has made, the measures that have been taken to keep the doors open, and share that in your marketing campaigns. This is the perfect opportunity to be vulnerable, as many people like to feel that they can relate to others now that we’re in constant isolation.

Be flexible

The most important part to remember in all of this to remain flexible; not all marketing efforts will be effective, and that fact is true regardless of COVID. Most businesses are doing what they can to stay relevant, and everything is trial and error at the moment. Remember to be fluid in your marketing efforts and note what was more effective and why to improve the next time. 

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