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The B2B Video Marketing Guide: Is It Worth It?

TL; DR: Yes. B2B Video Marketing is the secret weapon in the arsenal of some of the world’s biggest companies, and it here’s why it should be yours too:


“82% of B2B marketers report success using video marketing initiatives”

“High tech […] creates the most B2B videos annually”

“63% of B2B marketers claim video spend is on the rise”


If these promising stats from Vidyard’s video in business report aren’t enough to tempt you, think about how crucial video is when it comes to your B2C buying decisions.

B2C companies have created some of the best examples of video marketing out there, and now B2B video marketing has to play catch up.


B2B video marketing has seen a sharp rise to prominence in recent years, mainly due to its versatility and engagement potential when done right.


When done wrong however, video marketing can seriously miss the mark. It has the potential to become a colossal drain on your marketing teams’ time, energy and resources for very little result.


In order to ensure your B2B video marketing efforts don’t flop, let’s take a look at the latest tips, techniques and strategies used by the best in the industry.

1.    Before Shooting, Take Aim


The beauty of video is that it can be used to enhance almost every part of the sales process. Whether you’re generating leads, introducing new products, onboarding clients, guiding customers through your ABM funnel, generating awareness… The possibilities are virtually endless.


To begin with, avoid trying to hit too many of these bases at once. Companies that get overly ambitious – without proper planning and knowhow – often end up with a confusing array of half-baked videos.


To negate this, decide early on what the focus of your B2B video marketing should be. Brainstorm these questions with your team:


  • What is the purpose of your video? What will customers ideally do once they’ve viewed it?
  • What kind of videos will have the most impact?
  • What questions will the video answer for your target audience?

2.    Know What You’re Working With


There’s a number of different routes to the ideal B2B marketing video, and one of the most important decisions is whether you’re going to produce in-house or utilize an external agency.


This will mostly depend on your available budget. If you’re new to the video marketing game, drafting in some external help is likely to yield more professional results.


Despite this, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the budget to hire an agency.


At the end of the day, a successful B2B video marketing campaign must be one thing above all else; Engaging.


All you really need is a decent smartphone camera and a healthy dose of creativity.

YouTube has demonstrated the value of this combination for well over a decade now, and it applies in the B2B space too.



Quick tip – use subtitles. 85% of videos watched on Facebook are muted, so having subtitle text in-video is more likely to captivate potential viewers. Agencies can do this for you; although it can be done with relative ease in most video editing software.

3.    Producing your B2B Marketing Video


Remember what B2B video marketing (if you could call it that) used to be like?


Stale old corporate videos – full of stiff dialogue and uncomfortable interviews that were even slower paced than the dial-up internet of the day.


They typically made your average episode of Bargain Hunt feel like Total Wipeout in comparison.


If businesses were to do this today, they’d end up doing more harm than good. Although bear in mind that going too far in the other direction can hurt your brand just as much.


We all want super high-quality feature-length marketing videos, lavished with glamorous animations and Spielberg-quality direction to grab the attention of your audience and make your company look like the bees knees.


Chances are, this is never worth the extensive time or money required.

It’s tempting to get carried away with your B2B video marketing, so remember to keep your audience in mind during every stage of production.


Your buyers will react far better to short, straightforward videos that get your point across in a swift, succinct manner.


Just take a look at Vidyards B2B Video trends:


  • Videos in 2018 were 33% shorter than videos in 2017
  • 73% of B2B videos were less than 2 mins long
  • 87% of business-related video views take place on computers, not phones or tablets – be sure to optimize for this.


 Video has quickly become a new standard in B2B marketing, and stats from across the board show just how popular it’s becoming. If you’re not making the most of it already, chances are your competitors are.

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