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Attaining True Sales Alignment

Attaining True Sales Alignment

Approximately 8 percent of B2B companies say they have a steady alignment between sales and marketing. Does this mean that 92 percent of B2B companies have an issue aligning their sales and marketing? That is an alarming number of companies with a business issue that needs to be rectified. How does an organization attain true sales alignment? Read further to find out.

Select the Right Goal to Align

You would think that this is a no brainer – the goal is to increase revenue.  In reality, sales and marketing often have individual goals. Marketing is creating the message and tools to generate leads for the sales team. The sales team utilizes marketing efforts and turns those leads into revenue. 

This is pretty common, which also brings us back to what we said previously, 92 percent of B2B companies have an issue with aligning their sales and marketing teams. We hear it all the time, one department blaming the other. They are doing their job but the other department just “doesn’t get it”. Ultimately, these two teams need to be aligned to be on the same page to be sustainable.

Why is this so important?  Speaking in terms of goals, misaligned goals demotivate the sales team. With an unmotivated sales team, your revenue goals are in jeopardy. And when that’s the case, we all know what happens next. 

Team Effort

Your objective is to have your sales and marketing teams develop a marketing message that they both collaboratively create. The sales team talks with customers every day, they bring experience to the messaging development. They know what the customer’s problems are and what customers are looking for. When you get the two groups together and talking, they can find a way to use this information to develop a marketing message that resonates. 

When sales and marketing teams don’t work in unison, it creates turmoil. The sales team can choose or not choose to utilize marketing tools created by the marketing team because they might see the messaging or tools to be ineffective. An aligned team can determine weak spots in messaging and work together to develop messaging and tools that benefit the organization.

Today, companies face competition and demands from customers. The sales team can, and should, be a resource to overcoming these challenges.  It is critical for you to push to align the goals of the sales and marketing team. 

If you are wondering how you can attain true sales alignment, the answer is to get your sales and marketing teams to work together.  Sit down with both groups, alone and together, and make sure that not only are your goals aligned but that you are implementing them strategically.    You’ll start to see changes in both teams that in turn improve revenue goals and overall morale. If you have questions on attaining true sales alignment, give us a call!