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Adapting Your Marketing Strategy during COVID-19

Adapting Your Marketing Strategy during COVID-19


In recent months we have all been faced with a deadly pandemic. Customers are worried, employees have been forced to work from home and worse; laid off. As a company, how do you respond and work through times such as these? How does your marketing team respond to unexpected situations?

Taking the right actions and finding the right words in your messages can be challenging. Tread lightly. You definitely want to be sensitive to the situation at hand. And then ask yourself, how are you and your company going to adapt?



Planning is more important than ever right now. Get with your team and start discussing the best and worst-case scenarios. In these scenarios, identify the specific challenges customers, the brand, and the company as a whole may face. It’s important to lay everything out for your team so that in either situation it’s not catching you or your employees off guard. Utilize this planning phase to gather information as well. Listen to your customers. It’s essential to know how they feel and why. Ask your front line employees what they’ve been hearing and seeing from customers and potential customers. Learn about them as much as possible as this will help your marketing plans for the future.



This is where you come to terms with the conditions and set realistic expectations. Start crafting messages to your customers to help your front line employees, such as customer representatives, respond to upcoming customer interactions. Look into different technologies that will also help them with a possible uptick in customer engagement. Start anticipating your customers’ needs and wants. You can also start optimizing your marketing budget to spend where it’s needed. You won’t be holding any face to face events in the near future, so start being more flexible with where your marketing dollars are going.


The next few months are going to bring changes to society that none of us ever expected. So now is the time to pivot. Start adapting to these ever-changing times and use your plans to help to navigate where you need to be. Deliver content that is going to engage your customers and relate with them at this time. People are online looking for information now, so why not use that to your advantage. You’ll start to find new ways to reach out to customers that you didn’t know before. Think of other ways to engage such as online live webinars, live Facebook videos, etc. Just be engaged.

With these three tips in place, there is no doubt you can overcome the issues we face today. It may not be today, tomorrow, or even next month but now you have a solid plan in place and you can begin to anticipate the ever-changing economy. And remember, just breathe. You aren’t the only one in the world today facing uncertainty. Just know, there are people there to help you get through these times – and if you ever find yourself needing additional help, we’re here!