Partner Marketing Services from Gorilla Corporation

About Gorilla

We are a global sales and marketing channel agency. We help tech companies maximize partner engagement and profitability.

The Gorilla Corporation

Since 1992 Gorilla Corporation has focused on serving the technology channel industry. With innovative solutions around the world, we have been a consistent leader in transforming channel ecosystems, technology and sales and marketing services.

Through our global and experienced partner marketing and partner sales service teams, we can provide you support in our extended Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) system Partner Pulse or in your existing technology stack. We give vendors better insights and the ability to optimize their partner landscape and give solution partners and MSPs the right tools and support to easily run marketing campaigns and drive sales.

Over the last two decades, through all kinds of market conditions, we’ve created and managed more than 8,000 successful projects for over 2,000 enterprises.

We know the territory, and we have the knowledge, ideas and track record to help you succeed.

Partner Pulse is our own Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) system

 Our Purpose

Unleashing the power of relationships

Our Vision

The perpetual unfolding of an abundant future through strategic and collaborative partnerships

Our Mission

Empowering teams and individuals to establish successful partnerships by awakening their potential, through empathy, innovation, and tenacity of purpose.

Our Values


Having the self confidence to live by your values


Disempowering fear by transcending your perspective


Active listening, understanding your partners perspective and ensuring their success

Clarity of purpose

With a clear mind and laser beam focus, see the purest representation of your goal and what motivates it

Why Gorilla Corporation?


We help your business grow by increasing your customer base, improving productivity and finding new channels of distribution.

Industry Experience

With our vast channel marketing knowledge base we create smart marketing programs aligned with your unique business needs and objectives.

Powerful Solutions

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies and best practices to help you accelerate growth and gain competitive advantage.

Global Presence

With offices covering most regions of the world, we can give you worldwide coverage with local connections and knowledge.

Thought Leadership

As a member of the United Nations Technology Agency (UNITU), we are in touch with future technology, trends and disruptors, and can help you implement future-proof commercial strategies.


We are fully compliant with ISO 9001 quality standards, assuring you that our processes and operations meet procurement standards requirements.

Our Clients