Partner Marketing Services from Gorilla Corporation


Redefining Channel Development

Our capabilities focus on helping vendors measure, grow, enable, and manage their channels, delivering channel development and marketing solutions at scale.

The Gorilla Corporation

As part of Gorilla, with multiple offices in the USA, Europe, Africa and APAC, our clients benefit from the combined investment and innovation services that come from being part of one of the leading channel marketing companies in the world. This is what powers Gorilla’s unique ability to lead from the front, and allows us to provide the most cutting-edge approach for our clients.

Collaborate with us

We can help your business grow organically by increasing your customer base, improving productivity and finding new channels of distribution. 

Industry experience

With our vast channel marketing knowledge base, we create smart marketing programs aligned with your unique business needs and objectives.

Powerful solutions

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies and best practices to help you accelerate growth and gain a competitive advantage. Gorilla is the expert in channel development and marketing solutions at scale. 


Our solutions make your channel operations nimble and enable you to respond faster to new opportunities.

Global presence

With subsidiaries covering most regions of the world, we can give you worldwide coverage with local connections.

Thought leadership

As a member of the United Nations Technology Agency (UNITU), we are in touch with future technology, trends and disruptors. We can also help you implement future-proof commercial strategies.


Gorilla is fully compliant with ISO 9001 quality standards, assuring you that our processes and operations meet procurement standards requirements.

Without an experienced guide and the right toolkit, you can easily lose your way and fall prey to the competition. To thrive in this environment, you need Gorilla’s channel experience on your side. Over the last two decades, through all kinds of market conditions, we’ve created and managed more than 6,000 successful projects for over 800 enterprises. We know the territory, and we have the knowledge, ideas and track record to help you succeed.