5 Reasons You Need to Focus on Your Local Online Advertising Strategy


5 Reasons You Need to Focus on Your Local Online Advertising Strategy

Brands have used regional press to target consumers at a local level for years. But the nature of print has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. More and more brands are moving their advertising online, particularly if they are looking to reach out to a local audience. This is why your local online advertising strategy is crucial to success.

Local online advertising is so important in today’s digital world because it’s measurable and enables your campaigns to be highlytargeted – it’s not really an optionfor businesses anymore, it’s a necessity. In order to be relevant in today’s saturated marketplace, being online is a must.

‘Of the estimated £20bn spent on UK advertising in 2015, £6.3bn is predicted to have been digital including £1bn on mobile.’

One of the best ways to target a local audience is through online display advertising.This type of advertising sells your product or service through visually appealing text as well as graphics, animation or video.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of using online display advertising to reach out to local audiences:

You can target people by the town, city, postcode or mile radius – and personalise your message to appeal directly to them. For example, you could include your local address or phone number in the banner ad, so your local market know straight away that you are nearby.

You can show your ads to people who have already shown an interest in your brand or previously interacted with your business via your website and not converted. This will increase the chance of a sale as they are reminded of you as they browse.You want your target market to feel as though they can trust you – that happens when you continuously and consistently get across your brand’s mission, values and messages.

Large distribution and reach
Using display advertising allows you to distribute your ads across social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.), audience relevant news, community and special interest sites and mobile sites. This gives you the best possible chance of reaching your chosen audience, as your ads are able to display across a variety of sites and devices, therefore increasing exposure.

Continuous customer tracking and reporting
Having the ability to track or get feedback from your campaigns is critical. Other advertising forms can be hard to track; using display ads tells you whether your marketing effort is succeeding or if you need to make changes to see an effective return on investment.

If you know your target demographics, you’ll understand their interests and what can captivate them. Using this knowledge to design your display ads will entice and grab their attention to ensure higher levels of engagement.

As good as it all sounds, we’re aware this all take a lot of time, knowledge and money. But we wouldn’t leave you without a solution would we?

SeeLocal provides businesses with a single, easy to use online platform from which you can create and manage your online advertising campaigns. Setting up your first campaign involves following a simple 5 step process, taking no longer than 10 minutes. A designer will then create a set of engaging display ads and a landing page for your business, and your dedicated account manager will ensure the targeted distribution of your ads. Leaving you with nothing to worry about!